When it comes to fitness; Less is more, more or less

Stack of Clustas

Less is more, more or less   We have now got the news that more content for blog posts is better. So, what we had been thinking for so many years about blogging is now either no longer true or it never was true in the first place. This makes me wonder about so many…

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Juggling with clustas


Juggling with clustas As a young boy growing up on a farm, there was little in the way of entertainment. Mostly chores that I managed to find excuses not to do. I did however like to go out with my brother and pick apples and pears. One of us would climb the tree and throw…

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Benefits to using ClustaBalls


the un-dumbell Benefits of using clustas: Strengthens hand and finger muscles Easy access from utility clustabelt Easy to use with treadmill and wobble machines in the gym Quick to change weights in aerobic style gym classes Lightweight and not awkward to transport Can also be used as stress balls and massage accessory Safety Safe when…

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