Benefits to using ClustaBalls


Clustas-logo the un-dumbell

Benefits of using clustas:

Strengthens hand and finger muscles Easy access from utility clustabelt

Easy to use with treadmill and wobble machines in the gym Quick to change weights in aerobic style gym classes

Lightweight and not awkward to transport

Can also be used as stress balls and massage accessory



Safe when dropped on foot

No waiting around in the Gym for someone to finish using a weight

Safer to use around head and other vital body parts

Safer to navigate around when left on the floor

Can be carried safely and easily in special bags that are part of the equipment so there is no extraneous bulk during transport



Useful for strengthening shoulder joint

Increases load for raising heart rate and metabolic burn rate during walking or running exercises

Great for coordination building activities

Enables a special set of exercises that are hard or impossible with dumbbells



Efficient for adding and subtracting weights



A single bag can be used instead of a whole set of kettle weights Is fun for kids because they hold together in geometric shapes



Encourages social interactions by playing games such as throw and catch that also build muscle and coordination

They can be juggled as any other juggling ball

They can be rolled on to massage the back muscles

It is the most versatile bit of fitness equipment out there

It facilitates doing exercises like juggling or throwing the balls between hands which not only builds muscle but has also been proven to increase brain mass

When thrown and caught it targets the muscle differently than just lifting without the extra forces of acceleration due to gravity