Clustas Makes its Way into the Zumba Studio!

There’s nothing we love more than to see Clustas products incorporated into popular workout classes. Zumba is a fitness phenomenon that has been making its way to gyms worldwide and bringing people together to workout. The benefits include flexibility, boosted energy and muscle conditioning just to name a few. Take this workout to the next level with Zumba Toning, and you’ve got yourself a fun and effective way to tone and sculpt your muscles.


Out in Los Angeles, CA, certified Zumba instructor Shannon Vergun has been teaching Zumba Toning classes at the Carousel Dance Studio. She challenges participants by incorporating Clustas into the class, allowing them to target arms, core and lower body with the routines she leads. The size, weight and composition of Clustaballs makes it easy to grasp them while in motion, and ideal to carry while participating in Zumba. Should you drop one, not to worry! They are soft and won’t injure you when accidentally dropped.


We’re hoping to see ClustasBalls used by more fitness instructors out there who find ways to make working out fun and effective for people of all ages. ClustasBalls come in two sizes, small balls weighing 1.1 Lbs and large balls weighing 2.2 Lbs. With more options available, people of all fitness abilities can adjust the workout to fit their needs.


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