Juggling with clustas


Juggling with clustas

As a young boy growing up on a farm, there was little in the way of entertainment. Mostly chores that I managed to find excuses not to do. I did however like to go out with my brother and pick apples and pears. One of us would climb the tree and throw the fruit down to the other to catch. At the end of it we had boxes of good ones and always some that were scabbed or misshapen that were fed to the animals. This became my juggling playground.

It made no difference if I dropped these as they would be eaten soon anyway.  I even took a bite out of the occasional apple during my fantasy juggling exhibition.  I learned all the basic juggling styles for three balls and moved on to four. I reflect fondly back to those days of trial and error without consequence and wonder how much they influenced the creation of Clustas.

One of the great facets of juggling is that it can help your brain develop pathways and studies have proven that people who juggle increase brain mass, which I assume is a good thing. They are also very good for your coordination, concentration, and a bunch of other things that all seem positive.

Although juggling normal balls filled with flax or sand has all these benefits, there is very little resistance. Eventually, you will get tired but that can take a long time. In the early stages of developing Clustas I was amazed at how quickly it really started to work the muscles. The weights are only 1 kilo but it really got me sweating in no time.

I remembered some of my basic physics and realized I was dealing with much more than the simple weight of the balls. I was working against the G-force of a falling object and when arms were outstretched, that force increased even more. I had stumbled on a very efficient way of exercising my mind and body on numerous levels at the same time.

Of course, not everyone will learn to juggle. This is not the point. What is evident is that by using a weight that is safe enough to  throw, we are giving the body a new way to target the muscles that also involves hand eye coordination, balance, complexity, and a slew of other benefits.
Intuitively, I feel that it is really exercising parts of the musculoskeletal system that gets less focus than just lifting. I am not comparing for the sake of saying that one is better than the other. On the contrary, I am a firm believer that diversity and variation are pivotal in developing a healthier and fitter body and mind. Throwing and catching a heavy ball can complement slow and steady workouts giving that disruption the body needs to kickstart the repair process.

Clustaballs and bags are a great addition to any fitness regime and are so versatile and portable and safe and fun.  They open up so many more exercise possibilities that are simply not practical with other fitness systems around. Although they don’t grow on trees and taking a bite would not be in your best interest, Clustas can be a great way to get stronger and fitter.