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A safe fitness solution using soft Magnetic balls!

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No other fitness product available today can boast the range of functionality that Clustas offers.

Rollin Rachele, Clustas.com

Clustas LLC Offers Four Portable Weight Lifting Products that Work Seamlessly Together for Indoor/Outdoor Workouts

Clustas BallsThe Clustaballs come in 1/2 kilo (1.1 Lbs) and 1 kilo (2.2 Lbs) sizes and fit comfortably into your hand. They are the ultimate indoor and outdoor portable hand weights. Squeeze them like stress balls, lift them like dumbbells or carry them while power walking or jogging. They magnetically hold together making it easy to increase resistance. Learn More »

Clustas BellYou can fit up to 12 ClustaBalls snugly into a medium sized ClustaBell bag. That’s about 25 lbs of weight in each ClustaBell. The good news is that the system is flexible. You can put in as much as you feel comfortable with, and gradually build up without having to buy new, expensive and bulky gear. These purpose designed bags are meant to make Clustas the perfect choice for taking your fitness activities to your favorite places to workout. Take the ClustaBell Bag to the office, to the gym or outside!
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Clustas Belt

One of the most useful ways to use Clustas is on the go. It is the perfect portable exercise solution. Whether on a power walk or jog, heading to the office or on a hike, Clustas can give you an upper body workout as well as good cardio and leg fitness. But you may not want to carry Clustas the whole way which is why a Clustabelt is a useful accessory. It has  pockets to keep the Clustas snug against your hips and not bouncing around in a pocket. Learn More »

Clustas RuckAll of your ClustaBalls, ClustaBells and ClustaBelt fit compactly into a larger ClustaRucks for easy transport wherever you want to go. There is even space for  your gym gear.  ClustaRucks are padded for comfort. They can be lifted like a heavy sandbag and can even double as a bench for reclined lifting. You can count on ClustaRucks to make our products the best portable exercise equipment.    Learn More »

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Executive Team

Rollin Rachele

Rollin is the founder and CEO of Clustas®. A natural-born creative, with a passion for science and the arts. He is full of ideas, ideas, ideas, and knows how to make them real.

Jude Smith Rachele

Jude is Clustas® Organizational Mastermind. She brings life and creative soul to Clustas with her knowledge of business and organisational leadership.

"Team Clustas is pretty tight! We stick together through thick and thin. What makes us great as a team is that we consider one another, and actually really are, family and friends. What’s kept us together are our shared values and vision."

- Rollin, Clustas.com

Who will benefit from Clustas?

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Our Customers Love Our Product

“Every day people want to get realistic results. Safety is the key aspect. With Clustas® you can do this. It is not a big bulky apparatus. It is something that fits in your hands. It’s genius as far as I am concerned.”

- Jon Koga, Kogaworkout.com

“So I think the Clustas® will probably be pretty good because little kids, not really little, but like smaller kids can use them cause they’re not too big….It’s also pretty good to practice with sports that involve catching, like softball and baseball, because they help you catch balls that are heavy.”

- Sophie, Vermont, USA

Bruce Traub

"I suffered a traumatic brain injury over 25 years ago that greatly affected my motor skills. I have had extreme difficulty in finding a good way to rehabilitate my upper body. Dumbbells are cumbersome and hard to manage. I did not feel safe using them. The Clustas® slide very easily along just about any surface and give me a great way to do tricep extensions. I wish I had found this device years ago. They would have made my recovery so much easier."

- Bruce Traub, BruceTraub.Wordpress.com




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