ClustaRucks: Transport Your Fitness Gear Wherever You Go!

All of your ClustaBalls, ClustaBells, and your ClustaBelt fit compactly into a larger ClustaRucks for easy transport wherever you want to take your workout. In addition to your portable weight lifting set, there is even space for you to chuck your personal belongings, gym gear, and lunch into your ClustaRuck.

Clustabag Travel


ClustaRucks padded


ClustaRucks are padded for comfort. They can be lifted like a heavy sandbag and can even double as a bench for reclined lifting.


ClustaRucks design

The ClustaRuck is specially designed for all of our ClustaRuckers who are into rucking. It’s the perfect rucksack that comes with your portable workout equipment inside!


Dump the DumbBells!