ClustaBelts demonstration

Walk or jog with our ClustaBelt: Portable Weights for your workout!

One of the most useful ways to use Clustas is on the go. When you’re looking to add some difficulty to your workout, they are the perfect strength training accessory. Whether on a power walk or jog, heading to the office or on a hike, Clustas can give you an upper body workout as well as good cardio and leg fitness.

But you may not want to carry Clustas the whole way which is why a Clustabelt is a useful accessory. Clustas stay snug against your hips without bouncing around in your pocket.


The ClustaBelt is not just an accessory, it also serves as support for the ClustaRuck. It provides weight bearing for the ClustaRuck so the weight is not held all on your shoulders. That way it makes rucking easier and safer.


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