ClustaRehabers – Workout Equipment for Rehabilitation

ClustaBalls are the perfect product for people who are rehabilitating after an accident, injury or illness. ClustaBalls come in 1/2-kilo (1.1 Lbs) and 1 kilo (2.2 Lbs) sizes, so you can start small and build up as you increase your strength.

A ClustaSenior with Parkinsons using the Clustas for rehabilitation.

ClustaRehabers demonstration

As we all do from time to time, our ClustaRehabers may drop their weights. ClustaBalls are soft, safe and easy to use, so the risk of injury is much less than conventional weights.

We are also creating the ClustaHandStrap for people who have literally lost their grip. This additional product just attaches to ClustaRehabers’ hands, which enables them to lift weights without having to think about holding a heavy dumbbell. They can just let their muscles do all the work. It’s that simple! Contact us for more information about the Clustahandstrap.