ClustaBells- An Adjustable KettleBell Alternative that Can be Taken Anywhere!

You can fit up to 12 kilos of ClustaBalls snugly into a ClustaBell.

That’s about 27lbs of weight in each ClustaBell. The lid is specially designed to open and close in one easy movement. No latches or buckles to fiddle with. When you’re in need of a workout on-the-go, you can count on the ClustaBell to be the portable and compact exercise equipment that suits your needs.

ClustasBell BagThe good news is that the system is flexible. Unlike kettlebells, you can put in as much weight as you feel comfortable with, and gradually build up your strength.


These purpose designed bags are meant to make Clustas the perfect choice for taking your fitness activities to your favorite places to workout. When you need compact exercise equipment for your home gym, or a dumbbell alternative that is easy to travel with, ClustaBells are the perfect portable fitness solution.



Dump the DumbBells!