Get ready for the best ClustaRuck the world’s ever seen!

The ClustaRuck is a backpack that holds all of our Clustas® products. Go rucking with the exact weight of your choosing. A complete set weighs in at about 50lbs which is about the maximum anyone should carry for extended periods.

ClustaRucks padded


Packing a ClustaRuck

We designed it to be this weight for a few reasons, mainly around convenience, portability and flexibility:

Clustas-Logo-150x150 It is easy to store at home

Clustas-Logo-150x150 You can take it with you wherever you go

Clustas-Logo-150x150 You can fill it with the weight you want

Clustas-Logo-150x150 You can lie down on the ClustaRuck and do bench presses

Clustas-Logo-150x150 You can adjust and check-in your ClustaRuck whatever your baggage   allowance


And if you’re into rucking, the ClustaRuck is a perfect companion.The average rucksack used for rucking alone can cost hundreds of dollars without anything it them. Really?

Your exercise doesn’t stop when the hike is over. Just unpack at your favorite spot and work on mobility, coordination and balance with Clustas in hand.