Clustas Trademark



What is Clustas?


Clustas is a soft, magnetic, and modular fitness concept that allows the user to easily add and subtract weights to optimize the functionality of getting fit. It is a free weight system that can stand alone as the most versatile piece of equipment you may own and can even be adapted to already existing systems such as running machines or vibrating plate machines to get an even better workout.


How does Clustas work?


Each weight is magnetic so it can attach to other such weights. The forces are balanced perfectly to stick together enough when lifting and even throwing in a cluster yet if they are dropped on your foot, they break apart easily without breaking anything else.


How much does a Clusta weigh?


The basic unit is 1 kilo (2.2 Pounds). It also comes in a ½ Kilo (1.1 pounds) size which was designed especially for smaller or weaker hands. They are ideal for children which I call Klustas 4 Kids. They are also ideal for rehabilitation of severely atrophied muscles and people with a compromised grip.


What makes Clustas so much better than other fitness devices?


Clustas combines so many functionalities in one small easy to store package. There are other soft weights that are safe to use but none that are not modular. There are also other modular weights but none that are soft and in a compact package.


Multiple Clustas can be held in one hand to be lifted like a dumbbell, in two hands like a medicine ball, in a small bag called a Clustabell that can simulate the kettlebell, in a backpack with handles that can simulate a sandbag yet much heavier for its size. Oh and the bag is reinforced so you can do your bench presses on the beach without getting your back full of sand.


It even comes with a belt that holds the Clustas when you want to have them with you but for a moment you don’t want to hold them. The belt attaches to the backpack helping to distribute the weight for long military style hikes to the park and the belt doubles as a water bottle holder with its own specially designed bottles.


Who was Clustas designed for?


It was originally designed for my mother who is just turning 90. But it is really designed so everyone can benefit in some way or another from its wide range of applications.


What are some other uses of the Clustas?


It is very similar in squeezeability to the stressball yet it is heavier so it is much more than a stressball. It can be used as a paper weight or a doorstop, great for holding picnic cloth down in the wind. My favorite exotic use is as a massage tool. It has a unique density and a natural give due to the properties of the iron shot that goes deeply into the tissue to massage the underlying muscle layers that are really hard to get to with the hands.
One of the more creative aspects is what kids tend to do with the magnets. They can learn and understand the forces involved and find it fun to make molecule shapes and long chains with the Clustaballs.