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The Clustas Story – Our ClustaMama


The idea came to me after my mother, at the age of 81, was injured in a serious car accident.  She was weak and in need of physiotherapy. Knowing she had osteoporosis, I wanted to develop something soft and lightweight but that still provided some resistance.

Years passed without my giving any further thought to it, but one day in the gym I realized how inefficient and frustrating it is to have to wait for someone else to finish with the weight I need.

I then thought about having a single object of the same weight all over the gym that you could just add to what you had before. More time passed and one day while I was juggling, I realized that I had the perfect object that just needed a bit of tweeking.

A juggling ball with a heavier filling that was malleable and could be put together to increase the weight when a new exercise required it.

At that moment clustaballs was invented. There was a lot of fiddling about to get the whole thing just right but finally the most versatile, safe and easy to use weightlifting system is here!