Clustas Trademark
Clustas LLC is a Vermont based company committed to enabling people to pursue their personal fitness ambitions. We provide safe, fun, versatile and portable equipment to achieve this.

The initial idea came from my desire to help my mother, who had osteoporosis, rehabilitate after an accident. Although the idea came too late to help her, it got me thinking about senior fitness and how to target their needs.

What started with a single ClustaBall to help my mother has morphed into a complete personal weight training system suitable for just about everyone.


Clusta Balls

From lightweights to heavyweights, no matter where you are on your fitness journey, Clustas is for you.


Clusta Portable Weight training system


Clustaballs, weighing in at 1/2 kilo (1.1 Lbs) and 1 kilo (2.2 Lbs), are filled with magnets and iron shot so you can connect them to create your own ideal resistance. Clustaballs come with 2 bags called Clustabells that hold as many balls as you need up to around 10 kilos each so you can fill them with the exact weight you need for each exercise.

The Clustabells fit into a specially designed backpack with multiple handles called a ClustaRuck so you have a whole fitness gym that is easy to transport on your back or in a car.

You can take the Clustaballs in hand while walking or jogging to give you more resistance on the way to the office or the whole ClustaRuck to the park, beach or wherever you prefer to workout.

Clustas are so easy to store and can replace or enhance almost every other piece of equipment you may currently use. You’ll save money, time and space with Clustas and you are less likely to hurt yourself Unlike any other set of fitness equipment,

Although designed for my mother’s rehab, Clustas is ideal for all ages. It is great for enhancing cardio workouts, coordination manoevers, stretching, massaging, as well as being suitable for heavy strength training.

No other fitness product available today can boast the range of functionality that Clustas offers.

Check out the benefits of this unique system.