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TEAM Clustas

Team Clustas is pretty tight! We stick together through thick and thin.

What makes us great as a team is that we consider one another, and actually really are, family and life-long friends. What’s kept us together are our shared values and vision:

Clustas-Logo-150x150 Commitment to our own and other’s health & wellbeing

Clustas-Logo-150x150 Incredible sense of fun and freedom

Clustas-Logo-150x150 Belief in our enduring friendships

Clustas-Logo-150x150 Dedication to personal and professional excellence

Clustas-Logo-150x150 Spreading a joie de vivre (love of life!)

Clustas-Logo-150x150 Creating a happy, healthy and creative global community


Meet Our Masterminds

Clustas-Logo-150x150Rollin Rachele – Inventor & Chief Mastermind

Rollin Rachele

Rollin is the chief mastermind behind Clustas®. A natural-born creative, with a brain for science and the arts, he spent the first part of his life and career creating beautiful music and living and working internationally. He turned his innovative skills to building Abundant Sun, a dynamic international cultural transformation agency, with his wife Jude. He is full of ideas, ideas, ideas, and knows how to make them real. And now to Clustas!


Clustas-Logo-150x150Jude Smith Rachele – Chief Operating Officer

Jude Smith Rachele

Jude is Clustas® Organizational Mastermind. She helps the business of Clustas® stick together. Rollin’s sidekick? No, not really. She brings more life and creative soul to the company with her expert knowledge of business, leadership and organizational development.  Even though she is Co-founder & CEO of Abundant Sun (UK and USA), she finds the time to do this as it fits into her belief in the importance of health & well-being.  She holds a B.A. in Psychology and a PhD in Business. Her key areas of specialization is diversity, inclusion, governance and business ethics. She ensures that Clustas® knows and lives its values, and has the integrity to go the distance required to fulfil the company’s vision.

Clustas-Logo-150x150 Marcia Mallett


Highly collaborative, versatile marketing professional enthusiastic about diving into challenges and able to manage initiatives with 20+ years of transferable experience within the High Tech, Retail and Education sectors.


Clustas-Logo-150x150Pushpa Devi

Pushpa Devi

Pushpa has been a fitness trainer for over thirteen years.  Her love for exercise has been a part of her life ever since she was a teenager.  She owned Beaches Bootcamp Inc. in Florida for over ten years.  She also worked in rehabilitation with special populations including stroke, brain injury and Parkinson’s.  Her love of fitness expands to all special populations and regular fitness palestrati. Pushpa loves people, and has an absolute dedication to helping people achieve their potential. She puts dynamic positivity into her work with Clustas® which benefits us all. She is currently working on a BS in Human Development and Family Services.


Clustas-Logo-150x150Andrew Guidone

Andrew Guidone

Andrew is Clustas® Media Mastermind. He is an Emmy award-winning director, producer, writer, videographer, editor and visual essayist with 17 years industry experience.  A native Brooklynite with a passion for telling human stories, he’s directed and produced social-themed documentaries, narrative work and episodic programming.  These themes can also be found in his client work for news magazines, lifestyle programs, commercials, PSAs and video installations.

When he isn’t making television, he exhibits his work on London Weekend Television and at international art venues including the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art in Holland, the Knitting Factory and the Anthology Film Archives. We have been lucky to be working with Andrew for the past 20 years on a variety of projects from documentaries, to music videos, to crowdfunding campaigns.


Clustas-Logo-150x150Shannon Vergun

 Shannon Vergun

Shannon Vergun is a life-long fitness enthusiast, and has taught dance fitness and weight training for many years. She is licensed in DIO, Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumbatomic (for kids) and Zumba Gold (a low impact Zumba workout).

She teaches dance fitness, and infuses her teaching with her exuberant personality, warm energy and laid-back style. She is gratified by her clients’ success in weight loss, stress relief and pain management, and takes a personal interest in each and every student. She works with a wide age range of people, from the very young to the retired but-young-at-heart.

Shannon is also a licensed lifestyle coach for the Center of Disease Control’s National Diabetes Prevention Program. In addition to health and fitness, Shannon has more than 20 years’ experience in successfully working with creative professionals in a variety of endeavors. She lends a keen eye and vigorous attention to detail in the process of moving new products from market opportunity to marketplace reality.

Shannon’s travels have afforded her the grace of establishing lasting relationships with people from all walks of life. She holds a degree in communication and expertise in digital media make her a valuable asset to Team Clustas®. More than anything, one of Shannon’s guiding philosophies of life is that movement is the cure to many ills and she really means it when she says, “When in doubt, dance!”

Clustas-Logo-150x150Meredith Brown Orton

Meredith Brown Orton

Meredith is talking hold of our ClustasKids. Director of a Children’s Fitness Center in Virginia Beach, she is certified in Zumba Kids and Zumba Jr.and is currently pursuing a Kids Yoga certification. Meredith is extremely excited to be apart of the ClustasKids team! She believes that Clustas® bring a new and fun twist on kids’ health and fitness.